You just need a large input of text that can be incremented through from 2 characters at a time to length / message length characters at a time. If your message isn't horribly long, chances are it can be hidden - and if not, you can always rewrite your message and try again. A list of synonyms for each word in your message is good for this - just try all possible message combinations with all possible spacings and see which ones can be hidden. For instance:
use strict; $_ = 'America'; $_ = lc($_); s/[^a-z]//g; my @m = split(//); open(INP, 'pkjv.txt'); read(INP, $_, 3500000); close(INP); my ($n, $find); for $n (2..100) { $find = join(".{$n}", @m); if (m/($find)/g) { print pos() . " $n $1"; exit; } }
1277399 23 alsohosahofthechildrenofmerarihadsonssimrithechiefforthough +hewasnotthefirstbornyethisfathermadehimthechiefchhilkiahthesecondteba +liahthethirdzecha
(I'd already processed the KJV file to remove all characters other than a-zA-Z and lc. This example does not include synonyms)

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