Thanks for the friendly reminder.

I just uploaded version 0.1003 to CPAN. It includes the following addition:

=head2 Using another suffix Do not change the suffix unless you truly must. If for some reason you cannot use the standard C<_c> suffix, you can override it by changing C<$AutoCurry::suffix> I<for the duration of your calls to AutoCurry>. Use C<do> and C<local> to limit the scope of your changes: use AutoCurry; # suffix changing is not compatible with ':all' my @curried_fns = do { local $AutoCurry::suffix = "_curry"; AutoCurry::curry_package(); }; # result: ( "main::foo_curry" ) sub foo { ... }; # foo_curry will be created by call to curry_package, above

I cannot use the BEGIN approach that you suggested because that would override the suffix for all subsequent users of AutoCurry, not just the current package.

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