Dear Master Monks,

How often a day do you/would you expect to be doing a perldoc?

Can this be a measure of how good your skills are becoming?

I remember my Electronics Engineering lecturer saying to my class once:

"You know when you are getting good, when you just see things"

I am starting to see things now (answers to the problems that is ;-) ), but only in bits and peices.

Can you just see things?

I also appreciate that a person can never stop learning, but surely, if you're on CPAN, you must be getting good.

Is that it then? If you're on CPAN you are good?

When did you start to notice that you were getting good?

Please step up and be honest, I know there's lots of excellent programmers on here ;-)


UPDATE: I like the way graff re-worded one of my questions, so I am asking it here:

When did you start creating solutions that were completed sooner, performed better, and/or solved more problems than you or others originally expected?

Walking the road to enlightenment... I found a penguin and a camel on the way.....
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