The bulk of the differences in OO Support are illusory. In Perl 5, there's very little you can't do that you can in OO-only languages. The main legitimate complaints are that it's extra work to really encapsulate objects - you absolutely can do it as well in Perl as in other languages, but it's a bit more involved than just using a keyword.

Perl 6 should fix even those complaints, but as it's not actually here yet, that's of somewhat limited use.

I don't think this is a very good reason to not use Perl. We're running a top-50 traffic website off of OO Perl (and real object oriented, not just functions grouped together) at and get great performance.

Ultimately, I think the Perl vs. Python question comes down to: Do you think it'd be a great world if everyone HAD to format their code exactly the same way or it wouldn't compile? If you say yes, go ahead and try Python. If you don't want your style in the compiler, stay with Perl. This is a more substantial test than any actual OO implementation differences.

-- Kirby,

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