Ok. For the record I would love to do this. The trouble is that I have yet to come up with or hear a plausable design. Scale is a real issue with something like this. We have several thousand active participants here and we have about a half million posts. That combines to make for potentially serious work supporting this feature.

I can think of half-assed implementations that wouldnt be too much trouble, and probably would scratch most of the itch. It wouldnt be too difficult to allow users to store root nodes of threads and then use the RAT to display them on user request, but the minutae of handling things more specifically than that escapes me.

If someone can offer a reasonably sane design that seems like it would work id give it a go, but currently I dont think there is much that I can do. BTW, before anybody replies with a design please familiarize yourself with the design of the everything engine.


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