I will answer indirectly to your question, by explaining why you've been downvoted. Yes, I did that also. I downvoted most of your nodes in this thread, because you're acting like a whining child.

But, that aside, I would have overcome your behavior in this thread, if it weren't in this particular section.

See, we at Perlmonks enjoy the game as it is.

Now, try to put yourself in our shoes. You are enjoying the game, and somebody pops up and says "let's change the rules," what would you say?.

True, this same request (you call it a problem, I don't see it that way) came up several times, and several times the proposing monk got the answer of a angry beehive disturbed during its peaceful work.

What you call "a problem" I define "someone who doesn't understand the game."

The solution to your "problem?" Easy enough. Don't get downvoted. Write polite and sound nodes, and people will love you. Somebody will downvote you anyway. It happens to everybody. But the main rule of the game is: take it easy.

If, instead, you go looking for negative recognition, this is exactly the place where you're gonna get it.

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