I just got a new job and I'm going back to programing Perl full time. However they don't use mod_perl at all and I'm used to programing for it. One of the things I used to do is dynamicaly make functions that work on MySQL or whatever database I'm using at the time and at startup those functions are generated and stuck in memory for use so that all Apache children for mod_perl have access to those functions. In CGI you can't really do this and you have to generate those functions each time the script is run. So is there a way to generate functions on the fly, stick them in memory and share them to different CGI processes without having to generate them each and every time the script is run? I would think generating them each time would pose a significant and unnecessary load on the server and bog it down. I looked at Cache::FileCache since Cache::SharedMemoryCache said it was pretty much obsolete and had limitations but I'm not sure if either of those would help.


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