I've added you to pmdev. I dont know when/where you made this request, but normally the way it works is you ask one of the gods directly, in the CB if you can be added. They will either say no, or say yes or say that you should ask a different god as we have a policy of the god doing the adding is supposed to also do the supervision of the new addition. Which means that if the god you ask is to busy they will direct you elsewhere.

Going to the direct point, unfortunately implementing something like this is probably going to be a lot more work than you might be thinking. PM doesn't normally do on-submit processing of nodes. We normally do on fetch processing of nodes. This doesn't mean its impossible, but it does mean that its going to be difficult.

OTOH, I do think that something like this is worth consideration so don't feel like you shouldn't look into it. If you can come up with a clean implementation that isnt too controversial then im sure we will put it into use.


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