Musing on Mark Jason Dominus's Seven Useful Uses of local, I think I've come up with another one.

The most common use I have for local is with %ENV. The article doesn't specifically mention environment variables. There are instances where I am doing one of the following:

Thinking about it more, I would suggest that @ARGV belongs in the same category, as used in the file slurp idiom:

my $slurp = do { local (@ARGV, $/) = 'foo.txt'; <>};

There's also localising @ARGV for handling INCLUDE directives in the input stream.

These uses of local could be thought of as a special case of number 6 (Dynamic Scope Revisited), or possibly number 1 (Special Variables), but I think they are a new category.

Update:Looks like there might be a problem with - try this link as an alernative for MJD's article.


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