I was among the fortunates that had the opportunity to vote for "keep". Not that I particularly liked that particular node, but I personally did not judge it higly offensive, either for me or for others. On the other hand, I have to admit that I was a bit upset in seeing it considered.

As I was saying, this is my personal view on this, that stems from various factors like family, education, nation in which I live, etc. Just to make an example, a film that I find very funny is My Cousin Vinnie, but I see that it's rated "R" in the US and has no restrictions here in Italy (I took that as an example because I remember Stan saying "fuck" when he and Bill see that there is a police car behind them). Which takes me to a counter-question: how could you possibly think that there couldn't be at least two Friars (or upper) who would have voted "keep" on that node? (Sorry if I missed all the correct grammatical rules in my last question, I hope you'll get what I mean).

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Don't fool yourself.

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