Why are you now splitting how he (or anyone) should answer?

I guess I'm naively going by what works best for me. Should I couch all of my comments like that? "My answer is based on what works for me."

Why are you picking on merlyn for this?

Interestingly, this all started at my disagreement with merlyn's method of tracking down personality voters. That is what I am picking on merlyn for. The following disagreements have been resolved privately by merlyn and I, although I plan to make that conversation public, since merlyn and I feel that it might help others.

Do you read others answers on this site?

Surprisingly enough, I do. I have seen the range of answers. I have added to conversations where I saw appropriate. I have not added in general to merlyn's terse comments because quite often the area is one I am not familiar with.

Negaterd character class uber alles!

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