Dear Monks,
I have a perl-Mechanize script running on my server that works perfectly. It's a very simple script that reads in some POST variables, then grabs one of my blog pages and submits the values in comment form. I have gotten it to work on my server, but I need to put the script now on a different server and am having problems with it.

When I run the script in the command line on the new server (with hard coded values), it works fine. But if I call it as a form 'action' method from a website, the script returns an internal server error. It's the exact same script but it runs differently on two different servers. I checked the versions of all three of the libraries that it uses:


And have updated all of these libraries on the new server so that I now have the latest version of these libs.

Could it be a setting in Apache that is causing the problem? If so, what should I look for? I need to get this to work on my new server and am not sure how to go about solving this.

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