I'm trying to parse an XML doc with XML::Twig XML::Simple*, which apparently is calling XML::SAX::PurePerl under the hood. At some point in the 18 MB XML file the parser chokes and throws an exception:

Invalid quote token [Ln: 1, Col: 14]

The problem is, I don't know what line in the file caused the error. I found the method that generates that output (I think) in XML::SAX::PurePerl and tried to redefine it to print the input data. I added the following code to the bottom of my script:

{ package XML::SAX::PurePerl; sub quote { my ($self, $reader) = @_; my $data = $reader->data; # Original # $data =~ /^(['"])/ or $self->parser_error("Invalid quote tok +en", $reader); # Modified $data =~ /^(['"])/ or do { $data =~ /^(.)/; my $quote_char = $1; warn "Invalid quote token found: -->$quote_char<--\n" . "Source line follows:\n" . $data; $self->parser_error("Invalid quote token", $reader); }; $reader->move_along(1); return $1; } }

Now, however, instead of displaying the warning message when the system hits the mystery line, I get a different error:

Can't locate object method "new" via package "XML::SAX::PurePerl" at C +:/Perl_5.8.8/site/lib/XML/SAX/ ParserFactory.pm line 43.

I thought I was using package appropriately, but I obviously changed more than I expected. I'm a bit rusty (haven't had much time to code lately) and I think I'm missing a fundamental concept. Whack away with the clue-stick, please.


*Updated after additional debugging, per Re^2: Redefining a method in XML::SAX::PurePerl.

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