I'm currently working with a fellow monk on an article (hopefully out soon); it's a joint effort as opposed to this other monk offering critism. Most likely, it will be posted by me when it is ready, but I would like to be able to split the credit when it comes to XP gains with this other monk. Obviously, said monk will be already indicated at the top as a co-author on it, so he would not be a silent partner here.

Obviously, one could suggest changes at the programming level, but I feel there's a better solution: First, after posting it, I would tell the other monk to immediately reply to the post, such that he has a votable note associated with it. Then, at the top of the article, I would include text that this is a joint effort and explain what the other monk has done, and then point readers to vote for this other monk at the node that has just been posted if they find his contributions useful. It might end up that people use two votes on the article, one for my posting, and one for the co-author, so I would think to strongly encourage spending only one vote between the two authors.

Does this sound like a reasonable idea in order to make sure that credit is equally split? Or has anyone found a better way to do this?

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