I thank you h, for your reply,
May you code on, and never die(),
To voice my name, (i won't ask why),
Think "kh", which you can try.

Amongst the things that can be had,
There are those things that taste too bad,
And in disgust, but not too mad,
We say "(y)uuuchhhh!", but not too sad.

That "uch" does not rhyme with duck,
Because then it would be spelled like "yuck",
Nor does it sound like such,
As then it would not add too much.

Of that "ch", and this is key,
Think of "ich", the German "me",
The easiest example, i can see,
(If there is easier, what can it be?)

Now pronounce that "a" a doctor's "ah",
Of course that makes the syllable "cha",
Now say it twice, but like (the Indian) "tawa",
Surprisingly like saying "tada".

That is the ultimate syllable has stress,
But on the end as you may guess,
That simple "m", you must impress,
And after that you can digress.

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