Now that you've *asked*, I *suppose* we'll have to tell you The Secret. It's all part of the Conspiracy (but There Is No Conspiracy, of course.)

# Perl itself actually measures the computer's temperature, # subtracts CPU temp, extrapolates the location of the closest # window or door, catches the temp whenever it was last opened, # and uses a heterogenous mean deteriorating sliding semi- # automated average to compute the current temp +-0.0001 degrees. # All part of DWIM, of course. my $leonard_of_quirm_var = perl->secret_built-in_outside-the-room-temp +erature-measuring-device(); print $leonard_of_quirm_var;

Don't tell anyone else, 'K?

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
 -- W. B. Yeats

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