Hi all I am quite new to perl, I am writing a script to extract multiple columns from a tab delimited text files that is the output of a previous script. The out put files look like this:

column1 column2 column3 .... column n

111111 222222 333333 ..... nnnnnnn

121212 212121 313131 ...... nnnnnnn

131313 232323 343434 ...... nnnnnnn

I would like to extract the second and the third column and put it on a new file, but with the code I wrote it enters the file but read and catch only the first number in column2. I don't know why it wan't iterate through the lines. Need help i am going crazy! :-) So far I had the same problem with another file where I have to subtract the values in column1 from columns 2 and it worked but when i tryied to use the same code to extract instead of subtracting catch only the first element of such column. thank you in advance for your help. code i am using is below:

use strict; use warnings; open(APRI2, "path to file.txt"); my@out_runseq = <APRI2>; close APRI2; print @out_runseq, "\n"; foreach my$lines (@out_runseq) { my@splitlines = split("\t", $lines); my(@motif_position) = ( ); if (my$splitlines = $splitlines[7]) { my$position1 = $splitlines[7]; print ("$position1\t"); push(@motif_position, $position1); } } exit;

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