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I was setting up a quick-and-dirty server to demo a few programs for the rest of the IT staff (like Subversion and RT). '/usr/local' had both 'apache' and 'apache2' directories holding the associated Apache version. Apache2 was doing Subversion and mod_perl2, and the orginal Apache was doing RT and mod_perl1. I had just shot off an e-mail to the IT staff to take a look at the RT installation. I then wanted to do some rebuilding of the Apache2/Subversion install, but in a combination of being too quick with Bash's tab compleation and being too liberal with my use of 'rm -rf', I had accidentally deleted the RT Apache instead. Naturally, this happend about a half-hour before I was supposed to leave for the day. I spent the next 30 minutes frantically rebuilding Apache/mod_perl and configuring RT back into place. Fotunately, I don't think anyone at that point had tried going into the system to take a look.

Another embarrassing story (which didn't happen to me, but only because I had left the area a few minutes earlier) was at my LUG, where someone had brought in a SPARC to try to install GNU/Linux on. They had problems getting the boot manager to work, so someone came up with the great idea to dd the boot floppy directly to the hard drive. They found out that when you do that, your perfectly good 2 GB drive will suddenly think it's a 1.44 MB floppy.

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