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Once, years ago, while trying to compile a Pascal program, I wasted over an hour, trying to find out why the compiler was unable to find a subroutine that was obviously in my file -- right in front of my face!

The problem turned out to be a Pascal style { comment } many screens away was missing it's closing brace, like this:

{ comment number one subroutine one { comment number two } subroutine two

So the compiler thought my code was commented out and I thought it was code! That was the day I started using syntax colors in my text editors. When a big section of code is colored as grey, the cause is obvious!

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by biosysadmin (Deacon) on Apr 17, 2004 at 04:24 UTC
    That's scarily similar to an experience I had in a CS2 course my freshman year. I didn't have the money for a commercial X-Windows server or the courage to install Linux on my desktop. So I was forced to work through a Putty window with no syntax highlighting, and a comment block killed the entire last half of my main program.

    Luckily a friend spotted it after a few hours, but I was seriously contemplating switching my major while trying to figure that out.