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...cover up a sub-optimal process design...

You mean like the fact we're using Perl and not hand-tuned assembler?

Got any more flame bait?

Sure, here's some. Learn some statistics skills. You've managed to generalise one incident, that involved one programmer, once, to be a general rule that applies to all situations and all people, everywhere, all the time.

You constantly refer to vague, unspecified things (like, "the backups"), and expect that to be a convincing argument. You don't even bother to take into account things like journalling of disks, normal load, the program's access patterns, the system tuning you've done (or haven't done). Anyone who was taking system tuning seriously would at least mention those factors. and certainly nobody with experience in admin would generalise from a single case like that.

And saying 'by God' in a post tends to mean you've left the realm of facts and have taken off into hyperbole. "... a few million little files...". That's the closest thing to a statistic I've heard from you in the entire debate, and it is laughably fuzzy.

I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.

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