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If you really do believe in well mannered discussion I suggest you zap over to Compnay hackes through my Perl's Website Securtity hole and back me up against self righteous twats who are busy applying the boot to a very foolish person.

Whenever this sort of(filesystem) discussion comes up, the efficiency experts always charge in to slap down anyone who doesn't do it the right way. I understood your point, I even knew it before the conversation started. But if you are going to make these arguments, you owe it to yourself to be up on the state of the art.

Now, as a complete coincidence, I had just spent the day going through Hans Reiser's filesystem site, so I was brushed up on the state of the art. I posted a solution that would work OK most of the time, and well if the user were up to date on hir filesystems. It solved all the posters requests, including concurrency ( few others even addressed that).

But what do I get? Requests for links? Asked for more details? Nope. Just "my 80's filesystem screws your idea, so obviously you must be misinformed, here, let me explain what a filesystem is to you".

So when we talk about comments contributing to a discussion, I was annoyed at yours because it misleads naive readers into believing that they shouldn't do something due to efficiency problems that no longer exist. And that results in me having to nstall and maintain over-complicated and fragile code that was written to work around problems that don't exist.

And that is why I got cranky.

I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.

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