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No, I won't do your work for you.

And if you keep listening to your friend rather than reading the manual (perlipc), you'll waste a lot of time. But that's your problem, not mine.

I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.

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by shamala (Acolyte) on May 22, 2004 at 10:24 UTC
    oh no..i definitely dont want you to do my work...and abt the problem its only if you did my work for me... thanks anyways.

      Listen to Jeremy. Here is what he is saying... your perl program is starting another program (in this case "telnet"). As long as telnet will run, your perl script will go into a waiting mode. None of the subsequent commands will be run. When telnet quits, you will get what one always gets whenever a perl command is run... either the value of the last expression evaluated, or a 0 (in case of failure) or a 1 (in case of success. So, either telnet is going to fail, and then your script will fail (unless you wrap telnet inside an eval block), or telnet will succeed, end, and return 1. Either way, your objective is not served.

      Listen to Jeremy. Read the advised manual and try and understand how perl can be used to actually either completely replace telnet, or work with other programs.

      Hope this helps you.