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Someone else mentioned the idea of kibbitzing with others viewing a given node

Same guy as the prevous point. That's one I don't claim as my own idea though - I enjoyed kibitzing on the Internet Go Server.

At a basic level, it could just be inserted into each users homenode stats, e.g. have a "Now viewing node ###", or "Now editing node ####".

Or maybe even just have a node number appear next to a users name in the chatbox (not that there's any room for that sort of thing in the chatbox).

Tools to learn Perl are neat. But, what does a MOO have to do with Perl?

If the MOO language was perl, I'd answer "everything". If it wasn't, I'd answer "not much"

All you'd be teaching someone is how to use funny characters and a non-standard method-calling syntax.

Ideally the language would be real perl, not crippled perl.

Except, you're now talking a true client-server architecture. I wouldn't want to build that website. MUDs and MOOs are either based on telnet or have their own clients.

It's not too hard. The telnet thing was done because there was nothing else at the time. Current MOOs often have at least some webserver capability. A MOO written in proper MVC style should be easily adapted to any client, and this appears to have been the case.


I have a number of CPAN modules that have languished for lack of time outside work. I know I'm not the only one.

Aaagh! Guilt. I've got to get the next version of my mods up, and the new scripts and articles for my webpage, and arrange another .pm meeting, and... f**k it. What's on TV?

update: snipped and - I always feel that the best learning happens in games. Everything I've had fun doing, I got good at. Compare to some things I've been good at that were no fun at all, and I let them slip.

Fortunately (for me), perl is fun all on its own, but I could imagine having even more fun writing perl agents in a MOO and learning at the same time.

Hmm. What if we could work on CPAN modules in the MOO, and test them there?

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Re^3: Perlmonks MOO
by saskaqueer (Friar) on May 27, 2004 at 22:06 UTC
    At a basic level, it could just be inserted into each users homenode stats, e.g. have a "Now viewing node ###", or "Now editing node ####".

    Impossible. Or rather, difficult to determine when the user has completed such an action. If I view node #xxxxxx and then close my browser, how long until you decide that I've finished looking at the node? What happens when I've loaded multiple nodes simultaneously? I frequently have anywhere from 2-20 nodes opened in my tabbed browsing. Within the MOO/MUD, are you planning on magically cloning my character and placing him in all 20 'node rooms'? :) Now that'd be twisted.