CPAN Modules

Josť's Guide for creating Perl modules
Writing Solid CPAN Modules
How to make a CPAN Module Distribution
Simple Module Tutorial
Pause Module List mailing list
perlmodlib, perlmodstyle, perlnewmod

perlport Win32-Job

Coding Standards and Style

Ensembl Coding Standards document gone missing from the web? Could perhaps find with the wayback machine.

Developer Tools

Module Review


Ingy's "Swiss Army Light Sabre" - or, "how do you design your APIs?"
Often Overlooked OO Programming Guidelines


When do you function?
Re (tilly) 1: When do you function?
(Software Engr) Encapsulate! No,no,no! Decouple!
best practice
'use strict' is not Perl
Style & subroutine organization


Test Driven Development

Exception Handling

mod perl