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Look at lwpcook-there are examples with basic authentication from the webserver, or where POST is being used and the authentication is being provided by the pages themselves. I suspect these may at least help you get started. Alternately, it is my understanding that WWW::Mechanize might also be useful, with a recent article appearing on regarding HTTP::Recorder to generate WWW::Mechanize scripts.

Hope that helps....

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Re^2: My first LWP script
by a,s5 (Initiate) on Jun 15, 2004 at 20:04 UTC
    I'll second that emotion. HTTP::Recorder is a wonderfully handy interface for WWW::Mechanize scripts. Here's a link to the article itself:

    As the article points out, you may have some difficulty if you are using SSL to access this page. In that circumstance, you'll have to go through the HTTP::Recorder control panel, not just through the proxy.

    I've used this set-up several times, and it's fast, and easy.

      This is great and I'll be trying it tonight. I just wish I would be able to have a macro function from within Firefox. Just select "record actions". Run through the actions on the website and save it.
      I am consistently surprised with just how many cool things I'm exposed to on this site. The link to the article is something that will scratch a particular itch I've had for a while.
      Thank you.

      Very funny Scotty... Now PLEASE beam down my PANTS!