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If you're getting "connection error" then I would take a look at your webserver logs. While you've given us over 1500 lines of code, you haven't told us what operating system you're using, what version of Perl you're using, which webserver you're using, etcetera.

You mention there are instructions on the website you downloaded this script from, if it's not a pay-ware product, how about letting us know which website. Heck, the author might even be a local monk!

Take a look at the permissions on the directory you created as well as the scripts. Ensure they all have the correct permissions for the webserver user. Can you view a normal HTML page in a lower directory? Do you get the error immediately or does it take a while to time-out?

There are still a lot of questions you need to answer before we can really help you much. At this point, I'm guessing the problem isn't the Perl code, but it's in the configuration of the files/server.

- - arden.

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Re^2: perl module for pop3 script
by bwv871 (Initiate) on Jun 24, 2004 at 11:52 UTC
    Apologies... here are the details:

    --I'm on a Unix server, running Perl Version 5.006001

    --The script can be found here: The instructions (such as they are) can be found here:

    --I do not get the error immediately; it takes about 30 or 40 seconds for the "connection error" text to appear.

    --The error message from log file is as folows:

    Can't call method "login" without a package or object reference at line 31.

    --When I run the script, everything appears to work fine: by calling I get an html document to log in to, I am then taken to a window with three frames, I can set up new accounts, and all data is written to the "db" files. I can even send mail (/usr/lib/sendmail).

    --Another respondent to my initial message (sorry it was so long -- was not aware of the readmore tag) -- asked why I did not use the net::pop3 module. I guess the answer is that the script I am having trouble with employs its own module. My server has the CPAN module available, I just do not know if I have the option of using it with the script with which I am having trouble.

    Thanks again for all your assistance. David