Although I can't seem to find them now, I remember at one time seeing a few nodes that did something similar with the numbers one and two, and I thought I'd try the same with lucky number 3.

Update: As kindly pointed out by jryan, the two obfus I used as inspiration are My 2 cents worth and There can be only one!

s\\qq/./.(3** 3+3*3-3+3/3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3*3+3/3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3**3*3+3**3+3*3-3)\e* s\.\..\*s\.\qq/./.(3**3*3+3**3-3*3+3 -3/3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3**3 *3+3**3-3/3)\e *s\.\..\*s\.\qq /./.(3**3*3+3 **3-3*3)\e*s \.\..\*s\.\qq /./.(3**3*3+ 3**3-3*3-3+3/3 )\e*s\.\..\*s \.\qq/./.(3**3* 3+3**3-3-3/3) \e*s\.\..\*s\.\ qq/./.(3**3+3 *3-3-3/3)\e*s \.\..\ *s\.\qq /./.(3**3*3+3 **3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3 **3*3+3**3+3*3 -3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3 **3*3+3**3- 3*3+3-3/3)\e *s\.\..\*s \.\qq/./.(3 **3*3-3/ 3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3 **3+3*3-3-3/ 3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3 **3*3+3**3+3* 3-3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3** 3*3+3**3-3*3+3-3/3)\e *s\.\..\*s\.\qq/./. (3**3*3+3**3-3-3/3)\e *s\.\..\*s\.\qq/./.(3**3 *3+3**3+3*3-3/3)\e*s\.\..\* s\.\qq/./.(3**3*3+3**3+3)\e* s\.\..\*s\.\qq/./.(3** 3*3+3**3+3-3/3)\e*s \.\..\*s\.\qq/./.(3 **3*3+3**3-3*3-3+3/ 3)\e*s\.\..\*s\.\qq /./.(3**3+3*3-3-3/3 )\e*s\.\..\*s\.\qq /./.(3**3*3+3**3+3* 3-3/3)\e*s\.\..\*s \.\qq/./.(3**3*3+3 **3+3*3-3+3/3)\e*s \.\..\*s\.\qq/./.( 3**3*3+3** 3+3*3)\e*s\.\..\*s \.\qq/./.(3 **3*3-3*3+3-3/3)\e *s\.\..\*s\.\ qq/./.(3**3+3*3-3+ 3/3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3**3+3 *3-3-3/3)\e*s \.\..\*s\.\qq/./.( 3**3*3+3**3+3 *3-3/3)\e*s\.\..\* s\.\qq/./.(3 **3*3+3**3+3-3/3) \e*s\.\..\*s \.\qq/./.(3**3*3+3 **3-3)\e*s\.\..\ *s\.\qq/./.(3**3*3+3 **3+3*3-3)\e*s\.\..\*s\.\qq/ /.(3**3*3+3 **3+3+3/3)\e*s\.\(3**3+3*3).qq/./ .(3**3*3+3**3-3*3-3-3/3).qq/./ .(3**3+3*3-3-3/3) \eeeee

Most of the code uses the uninteresting 74.117.115...etc. trick, but I'm particularly happy with the final s\.\(3**3+3*3).'.'.(3**3*3+3**3-3*3-3-3/3).'.'.(3**3+3*3-3-3/3)\eeeee at the very end. Each of those five regex evals has a specific purpose. See if you can figure out what they are.

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Re: The Power of Three
by jryan (Vicar) on Aug 25, 2004 at 21:54 UTC
Re: The Power of Three
by csuhockey3 (Curate) on Aug 27, 2004 at 03:46 UTC
    Very nice o0lit3! Obviously, 3 is my favorite number as well (as noted here). This certainly will be hanging up on my cube wall tomorrow, with due credit of course. Perhaps I will add a little hockey stick to the bottom of it and send it back to you.

Re: The Power of Three
by TomDLux (Vicar) on Aug 30, 2004 at 01:57 UTC

    And about time too!

    It's been really difficult to waltz without a 3 ....

    one, two, ......