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Here's a variant of the same code that stores the current partition as a packed string of bytes instead of an arrayref of integers:

my $n = shift @ARGV; my $try = chr($n); while (defined $try) { print join(' ', map ord($_), split //, $try), "\n"; $try = next_partition($try); } sub next_partition { my $current = shift; # a string of bytes in descending order # find the last entry greater than one $current =~ s{ ([^\001]) (\001*) \z }{ my $count = length($2) + 1; my $limit = ord($1) - 1; my $tail = $count % $limit; (chr($limit) x int(1 + $count / $limit)) . ($tail ? chr($tail) : + '') }xe ? $current : undef; }

This should be rather more efficient than the arrayref variant, though obviously it can only find partitions for $n < 256.

Update: silly me, in modern perls this will do the right thing even for much larger values of $n.