#!/usr/bin/perl @_=(13,16,15,24,25,6,4,1,24,18,3,21,25,2,3,21,26,25,18,6,27,8,3,21);op +en _,$0;@a=<_>;@k=$a[1]=~/(@.*;)(\w)(\w)(\w)(\w)( _,\$\w;@)(\w)(=<_>; +\@)(\w)(=\$)(\w)(\[\d\]=~)(\/.*\/;\$)(\w)(=)(\w)(\w)(\w\{@)(\w)(=\@_; +)(\w)(\w)(\w)(\w)(\w)( )(\w)(\w)(\(.*\).*@)(\w)(\}.*@)(\w)/;$j=sub{@h +=@_;print lc($k[$_]) for @h};$j->(@_);

#Note: This code have two lines , first #!/usr/bin/perl ans second code all joined.

Updated Steve_p - fixed code tags

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Re: recursive obfuscation
by jdalbec (Deacon) on Sep 29, 2004 at 04:10 UTC
    I had to eliminate the doubled square brackets to get this to work. Did you double the square brackets because you originally didn't have this in <code> tags?
      i update code . thanks for you comment. i when upload file this code , preview without square brackets ,but the view not jet. now yes