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Thanks to buckaduck for this lifesaver of a script. Our Notes setup here automagically deletes messages over 90 days weekly. Now I can save them off in a usuable & portable format.

I have made some modest changes to the script.

UPDATE: The script now saves messages with the same or related (FW & RE) to the same directory.

Here is my version:
# This program extracts email messages from a # Lotus Notes account. # # Email messages will be saved in directories # named for the mail folder they're stored in. # All of these directories will be stored # under a new top-level directory named # "C:\temp\mail" by default, but this can be # overridden with the -d flag. # # For each email message, a subdirectory will # be created, containing the text and attachments # for that message. These subdirectories are # currently named by sequential numbers instead of # by their subject titles. That's on my TODO list # to fix; it shouldn't be too hard. # # Some folders in the Notes mail database are not # really mail folders, so I try to skip them. # Currently I skip all folders whose names are in # parentheses (except for Inbox), and the folders # in the array @badlist. You can customize @badlist # as necessary. # # By default, Lotus Notes will open the email # database for the PC's default user. To access # the email for a different user: open Notes # and switch to another userid first; then run # this program while Notes is still open. # # Original by Kyle Krom (buckaduck) # # Tweaked by Doug Marsh (NateTut) # # Added Default Directory of "My Documents\Notes2Files" # Added 'All by Purge Date', 'Stationery' to the @badlist # Added an Exception for (Sent) # Remove extraneous LFs from message.txt # Message Directories are now named for $Subject # Multiple Messages with the same or Related Subjects (i.e. FW & RE) a +re # now stored to the same folder. # Tweaked some prints # use strict; use English; use warnings; use vars qw($opt_d $opt_v); use charnames ':full'; use Getopt::Std; use Win32::OLE; use Win32; # Command-line options: # -d dirname Save everything under the directory "dirname" # -v Verbose reporting of progress getopt("d"); # Define a directory to store the results my $dir = $opt_d || Win32::GetFolderPath(Win32::CSIDL_PERSONAL) . '\\N +otes2Files'; if(-d $dir) { print("Directory: $dir already exists.\nPlease choose another direc +tory or remove $dir.\n"); exit(1); } mkdir ($dir, 0755) or die "Can't make $dir: $!"; print("Saving Lotus Notes Mail in: $dir\\\n"); # Define a list of "Normal" folders to skip my @badlist = ('_Archiving', 'Archiving\\Age of Documents', 'Discussion Threads', 'Events', 'All by Purge Date', 'S +tationery'); # Auto-print carriage returns $OUTPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR = "\n"; # Open the email database in Lotus Notes # (To use another person's email database, switch to # their userid in Notes before running this program) my $notes = Win32::OLE->new('Notes.NotesSession') or die "Can't open Lotus Notes"; my $database = $notes->GetDatabase("",""); $database->OpenMail; # Verify the server connection print "Connected to ", $database->{Title}, " on ", $database->{Server} if $opt_v; # Loop over all of the folders foreach my $viewname (GetViews($database)) { # Get the object for this View print "Saving Messages in folder $viewname..."; my $view = $database->GetView($viewname); # Create a subdirectory to store the messages in $viewname =~ tr/()$//d; $viewname =~ s(\\)(.)g; my $path = "$dir/$viewname"; mkdir ($path, 0755) or die "Can't make directory $path: $!"; chdir ($path); # Get the first document in the folder my $num = 1; my $doc = $view->GetFirstDocument; next unless $doc; GetInfo($num, $path, $doc); # Get the remaining documents in the folder while ($doc = $view->GetNextDocument($doc)) { $num++; GetInfo($num, $path, $doc); } } sub GetInfo { my ($num, $path, $doc) = @_; print "Processing message $num" if $opt_v; # Create a new subdirectory based on the message number my $Cleaned_Subject = $doc->{Subject}->[0]; while($Cleaned_Subject =~ s/[^A-z0-9\$%'`\-\@{}~!#()&_^ ]/\-/g) { ; } $Cleaned_Subject =~ s/^\s*//; $Cleaned_Subject =~ s/\s*$//; $Cleaned_Subject =~ s/\\//; $Cleaned_Subject =~ s/\s+/\-/g; my $subdir = $Cleaned_Subject; $subdir =~ s/^RE\-//i; $subdir =~ s/^FW\-//i; $subdir =~ s/^\-//i; if($subdir eq '') { $subdir = 'No_Subject'; } if(! -d $subdir) { mkdir ($subdir, 0755) or warn "Can't make \[$subdir\] subdirector +y: $!"; } # Write the contents of the message to a file my $FileName = sprintf("%04d_Message.txt", $num); open (TEXTFILE, ">$subdir/$FileName") or warn "Can't create \[$subdi +r/$FileName\] file: $!"; print TEXTFILE "From: ", $doc->{From}->[0]; print TEXTFILE "Subject: ", $doc->{Subject}->[0]; my $NewBody = $doc->{Body}; $NewBody =~ s/\x0D\n/\n/g; print TEXTFILE $NewBody; close TEXTFILE; # Save attachments as files, if any my $array_ref = $doc->{'$FILE'}; foreach my $attachment (@$array_ref) { if ($attachment) { ExtractAttachment($doc, "$path/$subdir", $attachment); } } } sub ExtractAttachment { my ($doc, $path, $filename) = @_; print "Extracting attachment $filename" if $opt_v; # Get a Windows-friendly pathname for the file $path = "$path/$filename"; $path =~ tr/\//\\/; # Save the attachment to a file my $attachment = $doc->GetAttachment($filename); eval { $attachment->ExtractFile($path) }; if($?) { print("Error Saving Attachment:$filename:$?:$!:$@:$^E\n"); } } sub GetViews { my ($database) = @_; my @views = (); # Loop through all of the views in this database my $array_ref = $database->{Views}; foreach my $view (@$array_ref) { my $name = $view->{Name}; # We only want folders if it's the Inbox or Sent # or a normal folder name with no parentheses if (($name eq '($Inbox)') or ($name eq '($Sent)') or ($name !~ /\( +.+\)/)) { # Add the folder name to the @views list # if it's not in the @badlist push(@views, $name) unless (grep { $name eq $_ } @badlist); } } return @views; }


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Re^2: Store Lotus Notes Email
by buckaduck (Chaplain) on Jan 24, 2005 at 17:29 UTC
    These are some awesome improvements! I'm glad we could help each other.


      The Attachments seemed not to be saving off... I get no message warnings using the newer code... but when I print that ExtractFile message anyways it says something about: No such file or directory. I tried hard coding the path and it still doesn't save off the attachments. Any ideas?
        You may use another way to save the attachments like this:
        use constant RTELEM_TYPE_FILEATTACHMENT=>8; ... foreach $doc($alldocs) { .. ... if( $Document->HasEmbedded ) { print "hasembeded\n"; my $body = $Document->GetFirstItem('Body'); my $nav = $body->CreateNavigator; if( $nav->FindFirstElement(RTELEM_TYPE_FILEATTACHMENT) ) { do { my $att = $nav->GetElement; my $dir = "$oriDIR/$cpt"; mkdir $dir unless -d $dir; my $file = "$dir/" . $att->Source; $att->ExtractFile( $file ); print "$file extracted\n"; } while( $nav->FindNextElement ) ; } }
        I picked up this code on another thread. Regards Johnny
        The code worked right out of the box. Very impressed. I have a different attachment problem - $doc->{'$FILE'} returns only one attachment name. I have multiple attachments. I got my hands on some API docs that say
        LNNote::GetAttachments Gets an array of all the file attachments in the note and associates i +t with the specified array object. Syntax LNSTATUS GetAttachments( LNAttachmentArray *attachments ) const Arguments attachments Output, pointer to attachment array. Return value LNSTATUS Zero (LNNOERROR) if successful, non-zero otherwise. See also LNNote class LNAttachmentArray class LNNote::GetAttachment
        I can't seem to make it work. Any ideas? --
        I've tried this program,the attachment is not able to be downloaded,after debugging I found that the issue is on the line:my $array_ref = $doc->{'$FILE'}; The statement "$doc->{'$FILE'}" return's nothing so the variable $array_ref is null,who can help me ..? I'm using Lotus Notes 8.5.3. Best Regards.