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Where do I sign up. I'd gladly get this working as a part of rather than the way it is done at the moment.

As for hammering the server though I have taken efforts to prevent doing this. My daemon does fetch every new node but by storing them locally it does not then need to refer to again to generate the RSS. This should reduce the load on perlmonks at the point where the number of RSS feed fetches is greater than the daily number of new nodes. I think this level has already been reached.

What would be useful for keeping the copy current would be an 'recently updated' page similar to newest nodes.

Still, best would be for this to happen on perlmonks, so who do I talk to to become a pmdev?

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Re^3: RSS feeds to most of
by demerphq (Chancellor) on Feb 28, 2005 at 12:55 UTC

      I am already using the XML pages but was unaware of the 'flat' option so thank you for that.

      As mentioned I generate all feeds from a local copy so in effect I am mirroring the site and not adding any (considerable) load.

      --tidiness is the memory loss of environmental mnemonics