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OK then how about the more qualified question "Does there exist an infinite number of non-trivial differing ways to code a JAPH in Perl?" Meaning not just tacking an infinite number of ";"s or "1;"s on the end of print "Just another Perl hacker,";

The question occurred to me because there seems to be an endless supply of different APPROACHES to obscuring the code in a JAPH. Indeed the point of writing one seems to be coming up with a new obfuscation approach.

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Re^2: Infinite JAPHs?
by jfredett (Beadle) on Aug 06, 2006 at 16:21 UTC
    I'd bet that you couldn't actually come up with a number of legal, nontrivial JAPH programs. Based on the fact that it would require you to determine whether a given set of characters from the Perl alphabet would result in not only a well-formed program, but also a program that halts. Because if your JAPH contains a loop/recursion that never halts, then it is not a JAPH. So- You could come up, rather easily, with a number of possible programs, and even reduce that by determining which characters can be placed next to other characters, ie, in english, after you write the letter 'q', you must write the letter 'u'. So, you could calculate the possible number of JAPH's that are wellformed, but not the number of JAPH's that are both wellformed and halt.