#!/usr/bin/perl sub x{(caller())[ob-//]} sub ob{x}_(&fu.a)._(&te.&sc)._(&te.&ob)._(&te.&fu)._(&ob-//.$%); sub fu{x}_(&at.//)._(&at.e)._(&at.f)._(&te.&fu)._(&at.&d_)._(&at.&sc); sub sc{x}_(&te.&ob-//)._(&ob-//.$%)._(&sc.$%)._(&at.&sc); sub at{x}_(&te.&ob-//)._(&at.c)._(&ob-//.$%)._(&at.&d_)._(&at.//); sub te{x}_(&at.&ob)._(&at.b)._(&at.&sc)._(&te.&ob-//)._(&ob-//.c); sub d_{x}sub _{vec($_,$%,d_)=eval"$%x$_[$%]";print chr vec($_,$%,d_)}

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Re: Call .. Call ... Call ..
by de_cristian_izer (Initiate) on May 27, 2005 at 10:03 UTC
    Considering the fact that cristian is being a mad man about obfu , always posting the most amazingly unreadable code, WE , a collective of rebel obfu solvers , decided to stand up for CLEAN CODE and FREE PIZZA and BEER and CLEAN CODE !!! ( and also for fun ! )

    So here goes for this one :

    Phew ! Wicked !

      Excellent , i not to explain best. very good. I will try to create other code more more obfu. je je je. Greeting to yours monks.