in reply to Perl fan being tempted with Python

I've also only started coding in Python recently. I haven't run into anything that really bothers me. Contrary to other people's feelings about the whitespaces, I actually like it. Besides my desire to learn another language, my main reasons were:
  1. Jython: since I do enough java programming, jython is sometimes useful.
  2. Twisted: I want a event-driven framework, although I've used POE, Twisted seems to be more advanced and provides more for what I want.
  3. GUI: Perl/TK is nice, but I simply can't live without such widgets as browser, the fact that Open Source Application foundation is building its Chandler with python and wxWidgets gave me more confidence (although Chandler hang on me.) I know there is a perl binding to wxWidgets too, just haven't tried it.