in reply to Perl fan being tempted with Python

Here's an informal critique of Python that I found interesting.

Last time I looked at Python it couldn't handle closures. Maybe this has changed (I don't know) but at the time that was a deal-breaker for me. More generally, from what I remember, Python's support for scoping and namespaces sucked compared to Perl's.

(Also, I vaguely remember that, at the time at least, the Python and Perl culture's were markedly different. For instance, TMTWOTDI wasn't highly valued (and obfu or golf even less) among Pythonheads, IIRC.)

None of this is meant to discourage you from learning Python. On the contrary, I encourage you to. The purpose of posting this is to alert you to the things to be looking out for as you learn the language. I think that being aware of a language's shortcomings from the beginning is one way to optimize one's learning of it.

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