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In other posts I have speculated that in the future maybe a more limited and strict dialect of Perl will emerge as the standard (ANSI Perl?), and that corporations and other large organizations will choose this limited Perl over the richer, more idiomatic "common Perl", which in turn will gradually become relegated to the "private sphere."

I think one factor that will always act as a counter thrust to the dumbing down of perl code is speed. Common perl is much of the time faster as it tends to be opcode efficient. While everybody likes to pretend efficiency isn't a factor the truth is that performance matters, and style guidlines will go out the window as soon performance becomes an issue. The trick is knowing when and where such tactics meet an acceptable cost/benefit level. Also most times when people discuss comparing languages to Perl they usually fail to discuss the implications of the fact that in Perl you always have access to the full code base, something that is often not true of "the other language". Imo this has ramifications that are often underplayed or just outright overlooked.


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