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Suppose I were creating dynamic packages at runtime and I want to make sure all the stuff in them gets destroyed. How would I ensure that?
If you want to delete a symbol table then use the delete_package function from Symbol e.g
use Symbol 'delete_package'; use Data::Dumper; $Yakkity::Yak::a = 42; print "a = $Yakkity::Yak::a\n"; print Dumper \%Yakkity::Yak::; print "Undeffing symbol table\n"; delete_package 'Yakkity::Yak'; print "a = $Yakkity::Yak::a\n"; print Dumper \%Yakkity::Yak::; __output__ a = 42 $VAR1 = { 'a' => *Yakkity::Yak::a }; Undeffing symbol table a = $VAR1 = {};