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Well, if downvoting, or some other annoyance has got you down, and you're not quite willing to give up on perlmonks altogether, may I suggest a fine alternative. Join the ranks of us Anonymous Monks. The benefits are mostly the same (ask questions, answer questions, show-off, trade insults, etc.), all without worrying about XP or having to give your consent about how the monastery is run. Yes, young monk, the higher your rank becomes, the uglier the monastery appears (just wait 'till you can see what 'consideration' consists of). Cast off the shackles of vanity which drag you down. Harken back to a simpler, more ascetic experience. The few. The proud. The Anonymous Monk.

(P.S. It would almost be worth it to log-in so I could downvote you for this node, but my former psudeonym has such a long streak of not logging in, it'd be a shame.)

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