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I'm quite apathetic and usually the only time I check the reputation of any nodes is when I see a change in my XP. I'm one of those cases where XP really is a sort of random number, because I get more upvotes from non-Perl discussions like this than the the Perl stuff (although my non-Perl posts, probably outnumber the Perl ones).

If you get downvoted these are probably the reasons:

There may be more reasons, but I don't think an explanation is always needed. If your post is purely technical and it gets negative reputation you need to look into what is wrong with it.

If your post is not technical, or is about design decisions, I think we're all big enough to agree to disagree.

As a side-note, if I get a well-written critical reply to a write-up, I tend to up-vote it and reply saying thanks.

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