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...question was not why you downvote, but why you downvote and do not supply an explanation

Quote wikipedia "A vote, or a ballot, is an individual's act of voting, by which he or she express support or preference for a certain motion... A secret ballot, the standard way to protect voters' political privacy... The act of voting in most countries is voluntary..."

Voting in a democratic system is thus by definition typically secret and voluntary. The reason for this is to promote honesty and freedom in the casting of votes, -- no explicit or implicit ties, agendas or consequences. Only the raw statistical summation of pros & cons. This data in itself is of great value.

Looking back i've been downvoted relatively few times, and never were any reason given. Likewise i've downvoted only a couple of times, and not myself given any written explanation. That said, it was always clear to me WHY i was downvoted: i had not done the basic homework expected and needed to ask fellow monks to spend time working over my problem description and insufficient code examples. I learned from that, and improved in future posts, and thus the raw downvoting had an immediate effect. Yes, if i/you have the time to explain a downvote, i agree that may be recommendable, but we can't demand and not even expect this, given the limited time we all have. And my experience is, that an explanation is hardly ever necessary.

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