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Once an aerodynamicist, then a Catia programmer, then, work with Fortran, Perl, C, C++, inter alia, in the world of programming.

I'm now teaching physics and chemistry; I earned a State of Connecticut teaching certificate for physics, with endorsements for chemistry and general science.

The airplane pictured is the Sikorsky VS-44.

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I was born on Guy Fawkes' day.

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Finally, I've gotten around to getting my Perl Geek Code

-----BEGIN PERL GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 0.01 P++$c-P6 R M O MA+E PU BD C D S++X-WP++MO!PP!n-CO--PO!o-G A OLC+OLCC-OLJ--OLR+OLCO--OLS--OLL+OLA*Ee Ev+Eon-Eot-uL uB++uS+uH uo w m! ------END PERL GEEK CODE BLOCK------