in reply to Anonymous Monker !

There may be reasons why someone comments anonymously. They may be afraid of getting downvoted. They may feel secure enough about XP that they don't care if they miss a few points. They may not have time to sign in, or they may have simply been browsing around and found a question they could answer. Certainly there have been many thoughtful questions and helpful answers posted by Anonymous Monk. It doesn't necessarily indicate any disrespect for the Monastery or for the monks.

As others have said, XP is just a number. Getting upvoted doesn't make you a better person or a better programmer; downvotes don't make you worse. You could focus on Perl coding, but I would hope you won't avoid other comments, just because people might downvote you. And if you're really worried about it, just don't sign in - make your comment as Anonymous Monk.