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I've been finding more and more that small changes in my code are making huge changes in the output and trying to continuously update the tests to exactly match...
I don't know your problem domain, but would it be possible to test for other (higher level) invariants besides an exact textual match? For instance, maybe you could just check that a transformation preserves syntatic correctness, or that all tags are balanced, or properly nested, or conserved, etc. Let's take a different example. If you are creating a ray tracer, you could have a unit test that renders a red sphere on a black background and then compares that bitmap to a correctly rendered red sphere bitmap, checking that each pixel is correct. Or, you could instead write tests like... Does that make any sense?

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Re^2: When Test Suites Attack
by Ovid (Cardinal) on Oct 28, 2005 at 22:32 UTC

    I'm taking a roughly similar strategy now. Previously I had many of these:

    is_xml $result, $expected, '... and we should receive the correct XML';

    By generating $expected with a different algorithm (to ensure that I'm not just reaching into buggy code), I had to constantly maintain two different sets of code which did the same thing. It was very painful. Now I'm doing this:

    is_well_formed_xml $result, '... and we should receive well-formed XML';

    And to verify that it's correct, I'm adding more high-level integration testing. It's an annoying trade-off, but like what you're suggesting, it's a reasonable one.


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