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Don’t forget that Markdown allows you to write tags in your source which get preserved in the output verbatim. So you can continue writing the way you prefer with Markdown.

There would either need to be some post-processing in PM’s code, because Markdown entity-escapes code as necessary (like it does with all the other text) and would stick paragraph tags around floating code tags. Or the monastery’s version of Markdown would have to be lightly patched to respect the monasterial bastard-HTML conventions; this would also be prefferable since it adorns intended code blocks with pre tags. Both solutions are fairly minimal.

I’m not pressing for a Markdown solution solely because I strongly dislike the current official implementation; it uses repeated s/// passes to fix up the input, as opposed to parsing it and then constructing output from that. One of my todo-list items for sometime in the future is to write a solid implementation of Markdown and put it on the CPAN.

Makeshifts last the longest.

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