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    transposition cipher, consisting of a cylinder w/ a strip of paper wou
    +nd around
    it on which is written a message across the windings, with the ciphert
    consisting of the unwound paper.  This is one way to implement such a 
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    $,=42;for(34,0,-3,9,-11,11,-17,7,-5){$*.=pack'c'=>$,+=$_}for(reverse s
    ){$%++?$ %%2?push@C,$_,$":push@c,$_,$":(push@C,$_,$")&&push@c,$"}$C[$#
    >$#c)?($ c=\@C)&&($ C=\@c):($ c=\@c)&&($C=\@C);$%=$|;for(@$c){print$_^