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I 100% concur with dorward -- this is something that modules like Text::CSV were born to do. The split solution works for simple cases, but once you start trying to deal with text delimiters, quotes within delimiters, and commas within text, you'll be aching for that module.

I'm not 100% certain what you're aiming for, so let me first mention that .csv files should open in Excel with no trouble, in most cases. That kind of auto-convert might save you a lot of trouble, so if all you need to do is open your .csv file in Excel, I recommend that approach strongly. understanding, and please correct if I'm wrong, is that you've written a split based conversation already, yes? If it's broken, and you simply cannot install the Text::CSV module, please edit your post here w/the text of the code that's not working, so we can help you properly.

That good for you?

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