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The problem with the interface is that it is almost entirely lacking. As the user you must provide the code to do the finding, the ignoring and the collecting whereas the module merely provides the code to get you there. Nearly every other module in the core provides an API to do the common things one might expect. File::Find, however, rather abruptly lumps you with a single function which you must fashion into something desirable. When your code is called the available information is limited to the filename, directory name and the file's path with any other information you may require to be extrapolated manually. That's not to mention the complete lack of control in how your code is used i.e no callback, no yielding, no iteration. All this wouldn't be so bad if the code wasn't so positively inextricable. Suffice it to say, what makes File::Find's interface so commonly hated is that it is an assault upon the sensibilities of anyone who encounters it, novice or wizard.


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