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Wow. ++ just for figuring all that out.

Personally, I'd worry that depending on parsers to handle the feigned cut is a bit risky.

But, I like the principle of not repeating the version number -- I always used to forget to update the Pod as well as the code. That's why I hacked some simple variable substitution into Pod::WikiDoc:

=begin wikidoc = NAME Pod::WikiDoc - Generate Pod from inline wiki style text = VERSION This documentation refers to version %%VERSION%%. =end wikidoc

I use a custom Build.PL to automatically fill that in when the Pod is pre-processed. (See Pod::WikiDoc::Cookbook).


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Re^2: Don’t Repeat Your… version number
by liz (Monsignor) on Jul 23, 2006 at 19:23 UTC
    FWIW, my module Devel::Required takes a similar approach to automatically update version information for required external modules. I guess it could be easily expanded to include the version information of the module itself.


      That would be grand. The less boilerplate I need to deploy, the better.

      Makeshifts last the longest.

        Devel::Required 0.07 now on its way to CPAN. It includes support for (assuming your module's version is 1.01) automatically replacing:
        Version: 1.01
        in README type text files, and:
        =head1 VERSION
        =head1 VERSION This documentation describes version 1.01.
        in pod type files (such as your module's source) each time your run "perl Makefile.PL". The version information is automatically obtained form the generated "Makefile", so it automatically uses any heuristics that ExtUtils::MakeMaker uses. For more information, see the pod of Devel::Required.

        For the people who can't wait until it is replicated all over the world, you can get a copy from my own CPAN directory

        Have fun!