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Your board has absolutely no usability again;: see the board on

Again, as others have pointed out, "it's more useable" is not an argument that will move many people. "Go try out another board" is also not an argument that many will take up, as we're pretty much OK with what we have.

The constant influx of new Monks, many of whom stay, indicates that your dislike is not universally shared by users, old or new. "Usability" means more than "I like the way it works, or hate the way it works", it's about making something for a large cross-section of users. In that wise, Perlmonks seems to be doing A-OK.

On your urging, I've re-visited the devshed forums, as well as the other forums you misspelled in your original post. What do they have that Perlmonks lacks, or does not supply? The one thing I noticed is fast load times, and Perlmonks is not in a position to pay for servers; we're running on someone else's goodwill, from what I understand (see the bottom legend for more on that.)

Other than that, I fail to see the details that you see. perhaps if you took the time to explain what you mean by "usability", and in a manner that does NOT denigrate the hard work of the people who provide this site, you'll find your commentary taken far, far more seriously.

Simply put, the title "plz replace this super ugly & damned bad board..." will not will you many plaudits by the community in question. Constructive criticism, however, might be of use. Does that help clarify many of the responses?

----Asim, known to some as Woodrow.

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