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If you're using Super Search, and only want to see root nodes, check all the section boxes except Note. All response nodes end up in the Note category. This has the advantage of allowing a search on only root nodes, but has the disadvantage of not allowing searches on root and response nodes within a specific category.

I think the best of both worlds be having response nodes in the same category as their root nodes, with a new checkbox in Super Search for specifying root nodes only.

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by skazat (Chaplain) on Feb 13, 2001 at 08:58 UTC

    i probably had that coming to me "Use the super search!" (of course) Then again, should I have to read a manual to use a site? Its a fine line between usability and having cool stuff for people to use. I think its quite alright on this site, people here are used to fiddling with stuff, and actually would feel alienated if they couldn't :) There's some rough corners on perlmonks, that right nav bar has a tendency to disappear off my screen and I need to scroll to see the menu. Has anyone offered to do a redesign? (att: vroom) I'd love to take a whack at it, eat my own words :)

    anyhoo, thanks everyone for your help, worked out great and saved mi day.


    -justin simoni